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There is a USA car restoration firm in Maryland that has restored a Jupiter beautifully and would restore another. It is the well-named Treasured Motor Cars

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...some happenings in the world of the Jowett Jupiter from 2009 to 2012.

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The hugely-respected motoring writer Michael Ware has this to say about it: "This is the type of book I really enjoy. It is first and foremost about those Jupiter [chassis] that were bodied by specialists. Many were small firms who have been overlooked by collectors and historians. There is as much background as the author has been able to find on each Jupiter bodied this way. Where there is competition history it is given. Other history comes from other items of interest...He often goes into detail on some other cars, commercial vehicles or in one case the Flying Flea aircraft for which these companies built the is surprising how many of these cars are still extant...a real labour of love and very readable too".

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Below November 2012: Peter Welch's Jupiter No 78 nears completion. Unusual louvre pattern in the bonnet!! March 2013: now on the road!!!

Jowett Jupiter restored
Jowett Jupiter engine bay

Below: the ex-Allan Wright Jupiter back in the land of the living visits the Nankivells, November 2012.

Jowett Jupiter
Jowett Jupiter

There is a new film being made in which the Jupiter of Jaak Jacobs will be spotted in the background. Filming took place 7th November in Belgium.

The film by the famous Flemish film-maker Stijn Coninx is called Marina, about the true life of the singer/accordionist Rocco Granata.

It is set against the background of Italian migration to the coal-mining area of Limburg in the nineteen-fifties.

Marina film with Jupiter
Jupiter with Marina film actor Rocco

Above: The Jupiter of Jaak Jacobs in the film. On the  right: Jaak (left) with the actor portraying Rocco

 The film should be out by end of 2013. Click here for the title song by Rocco

The filming was in the town of Eisden-Maasmechelen in Northern Belgium, where there were coal mines until 1980.

First Sunday in November 2012 - the Veteran Car Run. This year nearly 500 veteran cars set off from London in spite of the truly awful wet weather

Eleven Jupiter owners gathered at the Black Lion, Patcham, to see them go by and have a chin-wag about Jupiters etc. Those present were Steve Keil, Dennis Sparrow, Danny Nash (who was in the run with his own veteran), Dr Norman Shirlaw, Jon Root, Keith Patchett who was supporting a friend in the Run with a curved-dash Olds, Edmund & Ghislaine Nankivell, John Blaz�, and new Jupiter owners Fred Bateman - and Kiyondo Sato who now owns the ex-John Surtees FHC Jupiter with body by Coachcraft of Egham. Below, some of us taking refreshments in the Black Lion. In the car park, the FHC Jupiter of the Nankivells and the Javelin of Norman Shirlaw.

Believe it or not - this is a Jowett Jupiter! Known as the 'Io' with Nickri body fitted by the intrepid Mike Smailes

Jowett Jupiter with Nickri body fitted by Mike Smailes Nickri special with Jupiter chassis

Six images from the Jupilee, JOAC's 50th celebratory get-together at York 7th to 9th September 2012

Jowett Jupiters at York 2012
Jowett Jupiters at York 2012
Jowett Jupiters at York 2012
Jowett Jupiters at York 2012

Jowett Jupiters at Castle Howard

Below: John Powter and Bob Mooney with their concours-winning Jupiters - special body and standard

The 2012 JOAC Jupithon relay began on Tuesday September 4th. There were 30 Jupiters involved in all.

For full information click here

Below are is aselection of photos showing various handovers

For more go to

Jowett Jupiters in Scotland JOAC Jupithon handover

Jowett Jupiters on the 2012 Jupithon

Jowett Jupiters near beaulieu Jowett Jupiters at Liphook Travelodge

. Jupiters

Below: and now for something completely different, here is Ib Rasmussen racing his Jupiter again here with some really big stuff!

Jowett Jupiter racing in Denmark

Better late than never! Two images of a very nicely restored Dutch Jupiter in a concours at Apeldoorn in September 2010


Jowett Jupiter in concours in Holland 2010
Jowett Jupiter in the Netherlands in 2010

From Ib Rasmussen in Denmark, he starred with his Jupiter at the Classic Car event at Aarhus, 22-24 June 2012. His wife Cira wrote "Classic Car Racing in Aarhus was with the Jupiter - and with this beauty we won the 'Best in Show' prize!!!!
We participated in the Gentleman class, called   'Sports and Racing Cars 1950-60' .  With Ib as the driver and Cira as the co-driver we were dressed up in white overalls, driving helmets, googles and gloves...and Ib gave his best performance: speeding up in front of the audience, taking the curves on 2 wheels etc!

Jowett Jupiter in Denmark June 2012

Below: three images from the JupiJaunt to northern France. All of us back safely after a really good time.

First, at the Folkstone shuttle terminal, then our five Jupiters, and finally, the off! More here...

Below is New Zealander Vic Morrison's CDR3 with the super-neat hard-top he has made for it

Vic liked my book, saying "... I have enjoyed reading your brilliant book on the Special Bodied Jupiters. You made a great job of it and I enjoyed the background to the builders

(more then I thought I would) and then what happened to the various cars throughout their life..."

Below is Pat Lockyer's Jupiter loaded for travelling to France June 2012 with lovely new hood. Rear vision is provided by a camera system

Below is the Jupiter of Patricia and Pierre Le Mercier in the Tour de Bretagne 25-28 May 2012, arriving at the finish at St M�en le Grand. Pic by MaTaOch

Below, left, yes its a Jowett, it's the Richard Mead Jupiter of Barry Emms in New Zealand on its way to the NZ Club's 50th birthday celebration Crew are Ausralians Susan Sharrock and Bill Ebzery. On the right, Vic Morrison's CDR3 towing his vintage Jowett. to the same event. Images from the excellent Flat Four publication

For more on the  Mead and the CDR3 you should buy my excellent, readable well illusrtated book on Special Bodied Jupiters

click here to read all about it!


Here are three images of Pat Lockyer's Jupiter: chassis 5 - yes 5! One of the two prototypes which had been very competently converted in Canada by a very early owner to LHD and floor gear change. Pat is readying it for our JupiJaunt to Normandy in June. The third image (below) shows the display unit of the rear-view camera that Pat has installed for when luggage on the tail rack would otherwise obscure the driver's rear view. This must be the only Jupiter so equipped!
                  Prototype Jowett Jupiter chassis 5   Prototype Jupiter chassis 5 dash panel
                                                                            Jupiter car with rear view camera

Ed Nankivell's very well received new book is out now, click here to read more and how to get your very own copy.

A reader has this to say "...the time and research you have put into it makes it an essential addition to the Jowett catalogue of publications.

Congratulations on an easy to read and informative publication".

And Nick Geotgano writes "want to say how much I have enjoyed it. The fascinating field could not have been covered more comprehensively, and entertainingly as well".


Michael Ware, in Classic & Sports Car February 2012, wrote "Edmund Nankivell has researched the whole variety of coachbuilt specials created on these marvellous Bradford cars...a remarkable 200-page record of 40 years research"


Here is the front of the New ZealandVCC Rally Report for 2012, with Kevin Lord's Jupiter!

Jowett Jupiter in action

Here is a recent photo of Barry Houston's Jupiter, restored from a hideous ruin some years ago. Fortunately for this car and us enthusiasts Barry has engineering in his veins and has done a superb job

Jowett Jupiter


The Jupiter of Patricia et Pierre LeMercier will appear in the French magazine Auto Collector (f�vrier-mars 2012)

Here is one of the photos taken for it at Cap Coz by Pierre-Yves Gaulard

 Jowett Jupiter  


After a 60-year wait, the Jupiter Mk2 (built correctly on an Eberhorst Jupiter Mk1a frame) is now with us, superbly built by Allan Fishburn

As of December 2011 the car is fully MoT tested and on the road! Shown here as it was in June 2010

Mk 2 Jowett Jupiter

Left: the car seen here in Jowett's model form Photo CH Wood.                           Right: body nearly completed, photo Mike Smailes



These photos are of Alfred Keller and his Jupiter that appeared in October in the newspaper �Werdenberger und Obertoggenburger� in Switzerland




On the seventh hour, of the seventh day

of the seventh month the seven doctors say

he'll be born for good luck, and that you see

Ed's new book is out, click here it be

with apologies to the great Muddy Waters aka McKinley Morganfield


Below, book signing at the Black Lion, Patcham 6 November 2011 as the VCC cars chugged by on their way from London to Brighton

Ed signs for Dave Stimpson, with Norman Shirlaw far left. At least 11 Jupiter owners came by during the day with Brian Cole in his nice green Jupiter.


The TV programme Celebrity Antiques Road Trip was transmitted on Monday 31st October. It featured

Tom Conti driving the Nankivell standard Jupiter. Also on BBC i-player. The Jupiter was well-featured and quite a lot was shown!

Here, Tom Conti talks to Ed Nankivell before Tom drove off from the Tunbridge Wells second-day start. Tun Wells not mentioned in the programme!

Jowett Jupiter with Tom Conti at the wheel


Here are links to two Jupiters for sale in foreign parts.  Jupiter No 1 is in Greece but the vendor is Swiss, and Jupiter No2 is for sale in France


Thanks to Noel Stokoe, a photo of C�dric Purges in the April 2011 Rallye Vignes et Virages in the South of France has become available: photographer Francois Arsene.


Richard Gane raced his red Jupiter at Donnington on the Sunday of the Bank Holiday weekend (28th August 2011).

It was an MGCC event. Richard's Jupiter has had cooling mods and some further weight reduction so he hoped to finish,

and he finished both races!


More filming with Tom Conti, Katie Derham, and the STV film crew, this time in Royal Tunbridge Wells on 14th August 2011.

Clockwise from the top: Tom and his expert wait for the 'off' with Ghislaine Nankivell standing, centre. Tom and expert drive off from the Tun Wells rendezvous hotel.

 Katie Derham and her expert head off in the blue MG. Tom Conti and Jupiter head off to their first antique shop, camera crew filming from van in front.


Norman Shirlaw with his newly-acquired Jupiter, somewhere in the London area


See above for filming in Tunbridge Wells on August 14th

On 4th August, in spite of really wet weather in the morning, STV filmed part of their programme Celebrity Antiques Road Trip with Ed Nankivell's Jupiter,

Tom Conti driving it. Photo below top left, behind camera-man, the two celebrities Katie Derham with Tom Conti. Filming was in Lewes, Sussex

The hallowed Harvey's real-ale brewery in the background

Bottom pictures, Tom Conti in Lewes driving off with a man from STV in the passenger seat


Goodwood Festival of Speed was on 30th June 2011. It had a display of Italian cars which included Pat Lockyer's superbly restored Stabilimenti Farina Jupiter, which he had also shown at Beaulieu a few weeks before.

Jowett Jupiter with Farina body


Here is Pat Lockyer with his Farina Jupiter



Below: Scott Renner racing his Jupiter at the Sonoma Historic Motor-sports Festival at the Infineon Raceway at Sonoma, near San Francisco, California on Saturday June 4 2011.

Yes it does sometimes rain in California!


Photo below taken at the recent JCC Annual big rally at Gayden/Daventry. Photo by Chris Freudenberg shows just a few of the 32 Jupiters present


Four Cylinder Club of America Rally trophy won (in 1952) by this Jupiter with unknown crew, who could be Melvin Allen or Louis Himmelrich with Nancy Hanson. Thanks to Glenn Davis and Bill Wilkman for the photo and information


Pat Lockyer discovered that the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, were to celebrate Italian cars on 22nd May.

Pat showed his Farina Jupiter, and great enthusiastic attention was paid to it!


Black Lion, Patcham, first Sunday in May 2011, old commercial vehicle run saw 4 Jowetts present


This spectacular blue Jupiter that was for sale on Car and Classic website now has new owner Keith Spacey courtesy Graham Berry

Jowett Jupiter


April 17th 2011 was Drive-it Day! Both my Jupiters were out and about on the Sunday!

FHC Jupiter of Ed Nankivell in 2012


Below: JOAC Committee Meeting 9/4/2011. Simon Holloway (right) came to Whittlebury by Jupiter. Ghislaine Nankivell on the left.

Simon is to be JOAC's new Press Secretary


Below: This long-stored Jupiter once owned by Scottish accordionist/band-leader Jimmy Shand has been bought by a dealer at auction for a whisker under �7000

Now sold again to someone who will I am sure be an excellent owner, with car going back to Scotland



The Jupiter below, which has been long...long stored, has been got going again by Graham Berry. On 27 March (still in its original paint) he took it to the Gazelle Hotel on the isle of Anglesey, where it had spent the first five to six years of its life owned by the then hotel manager. JOAC hopes to have a meeting on Anglesey in 2012


Richard Gane is progressing well with his Le Mans-replica racing Jupiter (see below). Its first outing will be on 28/8/2011. He tells me the car

(OKD 725) will run along with the ex-Frank Woolley racing Jupiter LBY 254 at Donnington that day in the 1950s series run by the MG Car Club


Three images from the Four Cylinder Club of America website, dating from 1952. Thanks to Jim Miller for alerting me to this.

Left: possibly Hunter Hackney about to race an MG on a windswept day

Right: Jupiter owner quite likely Hunter Hackney collecting an award (we know Hackney won two FCCA rallies)




A Jupiter in Switzerland snapped (19 September 2010 at Altenrhein, Lake Constance) at a Classic car meeting.

Photo by Javelin-man Peter Pfister. Thanks also to David Morris and Peter Holden. The Jupiter is that of Alfred Keller


Jackie Gruz and Jupiter took part in the Ollons-Villars retro hillclimb in Switzerland 18-19/09/2010. It is not timed, you have to slow down through a village (Huemoz) half way up and there's no competitive element, hence no prize giving. But to focus on that is to miss the point.

The hill is 10 kms long and a great drive in stunning scenery, south of lake Geneva not far from the French border


The Jupiter of Richard Gane under reconstruction


Two images of David Sneddon's USA-based Mk1a Jupiter which he has owned since 1962!



8th May 2010: the 26th ADAC Tour de Nostalgie for classic cars at Trittau in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Right: Christophe v. Eberan-Eberhorst, son the famed Jupiter chassis designer, co-driver with with Werner Bald the illustrious Jupiter owner from Hamburg

Jowett Jupiter with Chris Eberan-Eberhorst


Here is an engine built by Philip Dingle for Dave Cleavinger's Jupiter. Looks good, no? According to Philip's bathroom scales, the complete engine sans dynamo, starter, and water pump registers just about 250lb

Jowett Jupiter engine


Below: the Fiorano-bodied on the road and giving Geoff McAuley, its builder, some fun. Car now (June 2010) sold to new enthusiastic owner



The JCC International Wakefield Rally has been and gone, and there were so many interesting Jowett people there. I had hugely enjoyable conversations with Jupiteers from the USA, Scandinavia, Belgium, Holland, Australia and New Zealand, as well as UK people I had not met before -  it was all so good.

I counted 42 Jupiters on the Saturday evening at the Cedar Court Hotel, and 47 Jupiters on Sunday at Canon Hall etc! A world all-time record!!

Below are four images from the event. Clockwise from the top: (1) Dennis Sparrow drove up to Wakefield in the R1, seen here at our hotel the Best Western. (2) A small subset of the Jowetts at the main hotel, the Cedar Court. (3) more Jowetts on the rally field, and  (4) David Kennedy, Neil Belk, Ghislaine Nankivell and Theresa Belk n�e Miller. Theresa is the late, great, Ted Miller's sister, married to ex New Zealander Neil who with others in the USA is reviving Ted's North American Jowett Register on line.  Neil and Theresa were just two of the many Jowett folk from overseas that it was our enduring pleasure to meet

Jowett Jupiter R1


Also from JCC-Wakefield 2010, Ib Rassmusen's ex Mike Smailes competition Jupiter


Below: Classic Prescott weekend 8-9 May 2010 has come and gone.

There were 6 Jupiters and 3 Javelins attending with 2 other Jowetts, the event being organised by Craig Ainge on behalf of the Midland section of the JCC UK.  Here is Craig ascending Prescott Hill:-

Jowett Jupiter at Prescott hillclimb


Below - at Beaulieu, as detected by the ever-vigilant Huntley Perry:-


Two Jupiters at Popham airfield Sunday 2 May 2010


North of England "2010 Drive it Day" gathering - 5 Jupiters, 4 Javelins, 1 pre-war. Thanks to Tim Brown/Dave Mason


Alastair Gregg writes (17th April 2010) The weather is just so gorgeous here we had to do something to get the Jupiters out.

Please find a picture taken behind my house in Derbyshire. Dave Mason (red Jupiter) joins Alastair


Below: Joe Leach's Jupiter saved from extinction following a both-ends crash. The rebuild even required a chassis-change, but the bent chassis has been rescued, straightened, and will be re-used one of these old rainy days. yes, that is snow!!


Fist news of 2010. Ib Rasmussen has raced his Jupiter on ice, the first time in 13 years the winter has been cold enough for this once-normal Danish activity. His time was not the best as most others had special ice tyres whilst Ib was still using taxi radial tyres. This event was a timed sprint against the clock


Below: in London, the restoration of the Jupiter of Craig O'Dwyer continues


Below: The JCC stand at the NEC Classic Car show 13-15 November 2009.

Thanks to Geoff McAuley and Frank Woolley


Below: Richard Gane's racing Jupiter under construction - aluminium bodyframe un-lipped for aeroscreens, lightweight doors,

soon (14/11/09) to be fully assembled prior to final coat


Below: Pierre Le Mercier reverses his Jupiter out of its Breton home

Jowett Jupiter in France


On the weekend 19th/20th September 2009 Claude Bernard did some hill-climbing in the Wallonian region of Belgium near Spa, actually the Tr�s Marets in the Ardennes near Malmedy. The Jupiter went beautifully, he reported, and attracted a lot of attention


Jupiter Owners' Auto Club AGM/Dinner/Scenic do weekend 19th/20th September has been and gone. This image taken at the White Bear, Masham. No rain, 11 Jupiters, good times. Even some Jazz on Sunday evening


Blow: Alan Dart's Jupiter at Alan's place at Passais la Conception on the Orne dept of northern France


The was a big classic car event in Limburg, Netherlands, in June 2009 which attracted four Jupiters and a Javelin, all from Holland and Belgium

Four Jupiters is a record for Holland, and there was a fifth nearby at Vaals.


Below: another Jupiter in the Netherlands, being got ready for the road by Bas de Bruijn for a friend


Below: A justifiably buoyant Tom Chapman with his Abbott Jupiter and standard Jupiter, the Abbott having just got its MoT (May 2009) after a long and detailed restoration. Well done, Tom!

Abbott-bodied Jowett Jupiter


Two SCs and an SA on drive it day 26th April 2009. Location is Flash the highest village in England. Vehicles GJT 620 Tim and Pauline Brown, Jun 70 David and Sue Mason and HKY 770 Alastair and Sarah Gregg. Thanks to Alastair Gregg for the photo & info. Pat Lockyer's Chassis 5 prototype ready to show at Beaulieu on the occasion of the National Motor Museum's big celebration for their 50th birthday on 4/5/2009 Pat Lockyer's Stabilimenti Farina Jupiter at the Bristol Italian Classic Car show 25th April 2009. David Kennedy's Lancia is on the left. Organised by one of the Italian Car Clubs (this year Lancia) held in Corn Street, Bristol, which is closed for the day to normal traffic.



This British lifestyle and car event took place over the weekend 28th February - 1st March 2009 at Rosmalen, North Holland.

The Dutch and Belgians put on an excellent show. The event was a great success and generated a lot of interest

 Photo (and Javelin) below courtesy Richard van Buul


On 31st January 2009 Jupiter man Sharaku visited the Nankivell residence from Mexico. We went to Andy Stevens to see work in progress on his LHD Jupiter.

From the left: John Blaz�, Chris Freudenberg, Ed Nankivell, Sharaku Koshiishi. On the right:Sharaku with Andy Stevens


Below: these postage stamps were on my Christmas card from Jaak Jacobs - go figure!



Six Goodwood revival photos from September 2008. Stirling Moss driving the Jaguar, Pete Dixon the R1

Middle right, Pete Dixon talks to the son of the late Charles Grandfield. Grandfield was Jowett's Engineering Manager and so he was the man behind the R1 project and much else at Jowett. This chance meeting must have been an exciting moment for both men. Thanks to John Blaz� for the photo


J&M Classics now have their Jupiter Mk1 scale model available, based on my Jupiter NNK 560 even with luggage rack.

A good job they have made of it too. Available from Marquart


The indomitable Chris Freudenberg has just returned form the Dieppe Retro 29-31 August 2008. They had some rain but not when this was taken! Chris writes he has decided not to attend the event at Heudreville on Sunday September 7th, he and Rosy will be at the Dieppe Kite festival instead


Ex-UK Jupiter arrives in Brittany, France, Summer 2008 to the delight of the new owner's daughter

Jowett Jupiter in France


The Nankivell's Jupiter out of petrol in West London 5 June 2008


Congratulations to Jon Andersen! On Sunday June 1, his Jupiter was awarded the second-place trophy in it's class at the third annual Los Angeles Concours d' Elegance, which took place at the Pasadena Rose Bowl.


Jowett Jupiter with Scott Renner

Thanks to Jupiter man John Kenna for sending me this photo of Scott Renner in his Californian workshop. Regular visitors to this website will have seen several images of Scott racing his very quick Jupiter, which he chooses to call in a droll reversal "Unsagacious I" and run under the number 63. Those who know of the 1950 Le Mans class-winning Jupiter and its two drivers will get the drift.

Long may Scott continue to race his Jupiter, and long may he also work on Jupiters in his workshop





These are our links to the outside world. But gluttons for yet more chit-chat about Jupiters might wish to jump to the Magazine overflow page1, or to 2002 to 2005, or to 2005 to 2008.

Did you know that British sports cars defy the laws of physics? You didn't???

The UK Motor Sport Index is committed to being the definitive unified information source for motor sport of all forms (whatever the governing body) taking place in the United Kingdom.

This includes sport for historics

The Jowett Car Club now has its own website.

Another Bradford website covers many other issues some connected with local government of the city, some not. Try it! And while you are at it what do you know about the Bronte Country?

Here is an online Classic Car auction website. Your car can be auctioned with Classic Car Auctions whilst being secure in your possession. The need to travel miles to view a car that is often not as expected is eliminated; the company ensures that the vehicles offered are as described and have safeguards in the unlikely event that the vehicle is not as expected.

Well, there WAS a website, in fact there is again such a website. But there wasn't much on it last time I looked. It was devoted to an American clothing mill of the name Jowett Garment Factory based in El Monte, California. Here was one of their products being modelled:

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