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Jowett Jupiter classic car competition history

Jowett Jupiter successes in competition

Jowett Jupiter R1 racing at Le Mans 1Left:-  Two type R1 Jupiters at the 1952 Le Mans race:- Gatsonides ahead of a tail-wagging Bert Hadley. 

Neither finished - it was left to the Jupiter R1 of Marcel Becquart and Gordon Wilkins to take the class-win honours.

You might notice Gatso's  foglamp of course.
It gets misty early on the Sunday morning of
Les Vingt Quatres Heures du Mans 
before it gets daylight.

RACE RESULTS in the era for the JOWETT JUPITER sports-car

Le Mans 24-hour International sports car race  - France
1950 class win (Standard Jupiter Mk1) - Tom Wisdom, Tommy Wise (The Sagacious Two)
1951 class win (Standard Jupiter Mk1) - Marcel Becquart, Gordon Wilkins
1952 class win (R1 Jupiter) - Marcel Becquart, Gordon Wilkins

RAC-TT International race for standard sports cars, Dundrod - Northern Ireland
1951 Class win (Standard Jupiter Mk1) - Bert Hadley
1951 Class 2nd (Standard Jupiter Mk1) - Tommy Wise
During the race Tommy Wise was timed at 92.90mph through the measured kilometre

SCCA National Meet at the Thompson Speedway - USA.

July 1951 The 1500cc race for production sports cars was won by a standard Jupiter driven by George Weaver

ahead of another Jupiter and a collection of MG TCs, MG TDs and similar cars

Swiss National Race for standard sports cars, Bremgarten
1951 class win (Standard Jupiter Mk1) - Gurzeler

Queen Catharine Montour Cup for 1.5 litre sports cars, Watkins Glen - USA
In September 1951 the winner of this cup was George Weaver who brilliantly drove the R1 to arguably its best-ever victory

International British Empire Trophy - Isle of Man

May 1952 a Standard Mk1 Jupiter was the first true production car home in the 1500cc class, at 7th overall.

Governor's Cup, Arizona Day of Races - USA

May 1953 Standard Mk1 Jupiters were first and second in the 1500cc class

For more race results, read the books...


SCCA Burke Mountain Hillclimb - USA

June 1951 Class win by a standard Jupiter


Rheineck-Walzenhausen Hillclimb - Switzerland

June 1951 Class win by a standard Jupiter



Monte Carlo International Rally
1951 Class win, 6th overall (Standard Jupiter Mk1) - Ellison/Robinson
1951 Class 2nd, 10th overall (Standard Jupiter Mk1) - Wilkins/Baxter
1952 Class 2nd, 5th overall (Farina-bodied FHC Jupiter) - Becquart/Ziegler
1953 Class 4th, 36th overall (Grounds-bodied FHC Jupiter) - Grounds/Hay

International Rally of Portugal (The Lisbon Rally)
1951 Outright winner (Standard Jupiter Mk1) - Joaquim Filipe Nogueira - this the only outright win by a Jowett Jupiter in an International Rally - a brilliant drive by Nogueira

Jowett Jupiter in Lisbon Rally 1951 Scanned by Jose Guedes from the Portuguese Auto Club magazine that covered the event. This Jupiter survives in good order in Portugal

Rallye de l Iseran

1951 National Rallye de l'Iseran. Outright winner Jean Armangaud (Standard Jupiter Mk1). Iseran is the highest paved pass in the French Alps

Jupiters tried hard in the International Criterion des Alps 1951, 1952 and 1953. In 1951 Jean Armangaud took his Jupiter to win his class in the Monza Speed Test on the first day, 
and on the third day Tommy Wise drove his Jupiter to class-win the Falzarego Ascent (a very high Alpine pass in Italy) with The Jupiter of Armangaud second. 
On the fifth day Tommy Wise class-won the Stelvio Ascent with Armangaud third this time both in Jupiters
In the 1952 Robinson in his Jupiter lost no marks on the first two days before being forced out with brake problems.

Alpine Rally 1951, cars at the start

Jowett cars: a Jowett Javelin saloon car and two Jowett Jupiters alongside two MGs, in front of friends, 
at the 1951 Alpine Rally start at Marseilles.

Do you recognise the cars that aren't Jowetts, Jaguars, or MGs? 


Over in the USA - The Lake Tahoe Rally  was in August 1952. FCCA National Rally in the Californian high sierras. 
A very tough event but there was an Outright Win by a Standard Mk1 Jupiter driven by Hunter Hackney.

And in HSCC competitions in the 20th and 21st centuries, the Jupiteer continues to excell.- Australian Joe Caudo was timed at 106mph in a Targa Tasmania pre-2000 event

For more Jupiter car rally results, read the books...

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