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classic sports car - a rare car indeed, but still around more than 50 years on.

For information on the Jowett Jupiter car, its history, and its clubs I most cordially invite you to visit the following pages on my meticulously prepared site

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  1. The Production History of the Jowett Jupiter car
  2. The Competition History of the Jowett Jupiter car

  3. The Jupiter a hand-built sports car through and through

  4. The Jupiter specifications and performance data

  5. A Book List of essential reading on the Jowett Jupiter

  6. How to buy Edmund Nankivell's book on the Jowett Jupiter

  7. The Clubs catering for enthusiasts of the Jowett car and the Jupiter car

  8. A frequently updated magazine section with details of current happenings in the Jupiter world, and some links (at the bottom of the page) to other sites.

  9. The magazine section 2003 to 2005

  10. The magazine section up to 2003

  11. The historic Jupiter Run to Le Mans in June 2000 photos and description. Forty Jupiters all together at Le Mans

  12. A Jupiter takes the autorail to HyŤres joins 75 other period sporting cars for a retro, May 2001

  13. The 2002 tour UK to Denmark by several Jupiters and Javelins

  14. The 2003 Jupiter Summer Tour to Northern France and the Loire Valley

  15. The 2006 Jupiter Summer Tour to Lorraine, the Black Forest and Alsace

  16. The 2007 Jupiter Summer Tour to Northern England and Scotland

  17. The 2007 Jupiter Summer Tour to Northern England and Scotland - Craig Ainge's Diary

  18. The 2008 Jupiter meeting in Hull

  19. A page given over to a few famous people who have owned Jupiters.

  20. A little bit of Jowett Genealogy and family lore.

  21. Contact Edmund Nankivell to exchange information on the Jupiter!

  22. Specialist suppliers of spare parts and services to Jupiter owners plus the Jupiter Owners Auto Club spares list

  23. A page of quirky photos of Jowett Jupiters.

  24. A page devoted to Farina-bodied Jupiters

  25. A page of obscure but fascinating weblinks updated from time to time.

  26. The JOAC tour to Scotland in 2007
  27. The JOAC event of 2008
  28. The JOAC event of 2009
  29. The Jupithon of September 2012
  30. The JOAC Jupilee AGM of 2012
  31. Purely Nankivell not Jowett


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Neil Belk has now launched the North American Jowett Register web site. Its URL is


For the name JOWETT and its VARIATIONS

Dave Jowitt's website address - covering the name Jowett and all variants -  is:

My name is Benjamin Jowett
I'm master of Balliol College
Everything there is to know, I know it
and what I don't know isn't knowledge


by Henry Beeching 1859-1919

First come I: my name is Jowett.

There's no knowledge but I know it

 I am master of this college

 What I don't know isn't knowledge


OR EVEN! Jowett's mausoleum epitaph

© MG Adelberg 2005 all rights reserved 

My name, it is Jowett,
As the gods did bestow it.
Though I lie here below it,
This lawn, none will mow it.
Life's river, I rowed it
Plato's line, I towed it,
Truth's seed, I did sow it,
If it is knowledge, I know it.



Yes, Benjamin Jowett (1817 - 1893) was a famous English theologian and Greek scholar whose translations of Plato (c.427 - 347bc) are still read today. After being Regius Professor, he became Master of Balliol College, Oxford, from 1870 to 1893.

He also translated Thucydides and Aristotle; he took 30 years over the translation Plato's Republic. No wonder it is still the standard English-language text.


It is unlikely that he built or drove motor cars.


However, his old college is now offering two Jowett Scholarships. The Scholarships, which will be awarded solely on the basis of academic merit, are open to current Balliol graduate students who are reading, or intend to read, for a D.Phil


There is of course the Jowett Library at Balliol with the extensive collection of BJ's papers.


...and Jupiter is also a planet, with numerous websites - but no motor cars so far as is known. No doubt NASA has plans for driving around on one or more of Jupiter's satellites, though.


You can even play the opening bars of the eponymous composition by the famous Gustav Holst. NB it is 160kB and may take a few seconds to load...


And finally, Bahlsen make really nice biscuits:

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