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The late Summer (early Autumn?) 2005 Cornish weekend. The Jowett Jupiters visit to the Eden Project has now come and gone.

Here are some pictures - top left shows the Farina-bodied Jowett Jupiter of Pat Lockyer:-

Jowett Jupiter, two, one with special body 3

Above: John and Susan Powter get well-deserved Korner Trophy - seated on the left, Edmund Nankivell

Above: John Blaze, left. Tony Mumby, right.

Above: Ghislaine Nankivell and Jonathan Root

Above and right some of the Lockyer family at

the St Austell  Garden of Eden

Jupiter car seen near Croydon, South of London, for the first time in 40 years when it had been laid up under sheets. It has now changed hands and is to be restored - when time permits as one says.


On Sunday 25 August 2004 Pat Lockyer took his well-restored  Farina-bodied Jupiter  to Lyme Regis to the RNLI day, the Milestone Car Club  had a display of cars on the prom, Jaguars Mercs etc. Pat's trophy was for the most desirable car, the Farina Jupiter.

We always knew it would create interest and it certainly does.

This is the trophy Pat Lockyer was awarded for his Farina Jupiter


  Recent photographs taken in 2004 - see below. 

Top left, Roy Watling-Greenwood, who in 1953 superbly built single-handedly the special bodied Jupiter originally registerd so known as GAP 6 - an almost exact replica of standard Mk1 Jupiter. The remaining 5 photos were taken at the recent Ardingly Festival of Transport.

Centre left: Mrs Joyce Swayne, widow of the man who bought a Jupiter in 1953 when it was 6 months old. The family still have the car! 

See further below for pictures of the unsheeting of this car.

The standard Jupiter shown immediately below is owned by John Hodgekinson, who is also responsible for the oil cooler installation top right.

The two bottom photos show a folk-dance troupe performing a Yorkshire clog dance, and a Trinidad-style pan band.

Jowett Jupiter on show

There is a report with pictures on this website for 2004 big JCC Jowett car rally in York, 4-6 June 2004.

Below is a picture from Keith Clements of  Sweden's British Car Event at the beginning of June 2004:

Jowett Jupiter in Sweden

Above:  the Jupiter of Peter Hewitt of Dals Rostock, Sweden. Ian Glass writes that four Jowetts were there, three from Scandinavia and the Jupiter of Keith Clements from the UK - well done Keith! And thanks for the photos!


Jowett wedding of the year: Pat Lockyers daughter Sarah on Saturday 22 May 2004 to lucky man Shane.

The knot has been tied !!

Yes it is Pat Lockyer's  LHD prototype Jupiter

Jowett Jupiter wedding photo

First Sunday in May 2005, Black Lion Patcham, veteran Commercial Vehicle Run (HSCC) from London to Brighton, three Jupiters were in evidence. Red saloon Jupiter excellently re-sprayed by Howard Simmons at his workshop 10 miles north of Brighton, Sussex (tel: 01444-254 575).

The Spring 2004 Classic Car show at Bristol (UK) featured Pat Lockyer's Farina Jupiter on the Jowett stand. 
As you can see it attracted a lot of interest...

Below:= the Jupiter Owners Auto Club AGM 28 March 2004

Right-top-facing camera, centre: Steve Keil

Bottom left and right: Saloon Jupiter of Alan Beeden with Alan Beeden (left) and Craig Ainge (right)


Yorkshire's Ilkley Jubilee Rally for classic cars was on Sunday 4 April 2004. It was the usual format 150-mile road rally with regularities and special tests at various venues. 
Mike Smailes drove his Red Peril rallying Jupiter. He reports "Had another good day rallying and despite the mixed weather the car went well.  
Mike Smailes finished seventh overall at second in class,  just pipped by last year's winners, the TR3 of John Ball.

Sunday 11 April 2004 Flying Day at Henstridge (at the Henstridge airfield near Wincanton, Somerset)) with Tony Young's SC Jupiter while John Blaze studies it

Jowett Jupiter with light aeroplane

Below: Jowett Car Cluc Southern Section nosh-up mid March 2004. Javelin of Brian Gordon and the Edmund Nankivell FHC Jupiter

More on the Netherland Tulip Rally 11 to 17 May 2003 for Classic cars, which featured John Blanckley's rally Javelin driven by Hugo van Zuylen van Nijeveldt (who had the outright winner in the 1953 Tulip Rally  in his own Javelin). Navigator in the 2003 event was  Keith Clements.

Left: At the start. Above: John Blanckley's rally Javelin is well equipped!!

Above: After the night stop at Riquewihr, at the Hotel le Schoenenbourg.

Left: Hugo waves. This is at St Jean d'Arvey

Left: Col du Granier. Above: somewhere on the route!

Jowett Javelin It was not a spectacularly good result for the Javelin's crew. Hugo won the award for being the oldest driver to finish - seen here with Vincent van 't Schip who was the youngest.

The Javelin was placed 132 out of 138 finishers in the Sporting Class. 
The team was placed fourth out of four in the E1 sub-class.


Below are four pictures of the Jaak Jacobs recent restoration. Almost all his own work, from a dreadful wreck of a car a beautiful Jupiter has risen again 

(it is now on the road). Scroll about half-way down to see some earlier pictures of the same machine.

Jowett Jupiter 8
Jowett Jupiter engine bay

Here are two photographs sent by Jon Downing.

They are of some of the Jowett Jupiters that made it to Newport for the big Jowett Car Club Rally over the 2003 bank holiday in May.

It's good to see some of the Jupiters that later went to France on the 2003 JUPITOUR!

This Jowett Jupiter finds new owner - Yorkshireman Geoff Jones driving his car

Jowett Jupiter 10


5th May 2003 was the usual Jowett meeting at the Black Lion, Patcham, on the occasion of the veteran commercial vehicle run from London to Brighton.

Left: the Sparrow/Dixon vintage Jowett (Betty Davis in the passenger seat) and Richard Keil's purple 8HP Jowett saloon car

The sun shone on the righteous that day, as it usually does on the first Sunday in May down here on the Sussex coast.

Standing, far left, Dennis Sparrow.

Jowett Jupiter 11 The gas-powered bronze Rolls Royce car of Pat Lockyer sits next to the Nankivell standard Jupiter.

Pat had his modified and cut-open front timing covers to show to us all how the cooling of the Jowett ohv engine can be radically improved (scroll down for some detailed pictures).


Below are the four Jowett Jupiters of Pat Lockyer - all in road-going order  to say the least !!

Jowett Jupiter Farina 8

Left to Right: Farina Jupiter, the ex Dudley racing Jupiter, the last all-new Jupiter (red), and Jowett's second prototype Jupiter (white)

Jowett Jupiter in a club rally Three shots of Mike Smailes competing in the 2003 Ilkley Jubilee Rally (6th April 2003, run over 150 miles, 10 special tests) in Yorkshire
Jowett Jupiter in a club rally 2 Mike Smailes finished 20th out of 50 competitors, but might have finished as high as 6th if a plausible appeal had been upheld.
Jowett Jupiter in a club rally 3  


The discovery of 2003 in California: a Jowett Jupiter in single ownership since 1955 recently bought by the astute Scott Tisdale. Although it has a replacement soft top and has possibly been resprayed some time in the past, it is is a typical and quite original late Angell Motors Jupiter. 
Scott Tisdale is already beginning to acquire the parts he needs to get it running again after its long lay-up.

Jowett Jupiter tool set Jowett Jupiter jack

Part of the Jowett-supplied Jupiter tool kit and their Jupiter jack

...thanks to Jupiter-man Huntley Perry

On the left is a trading card found in an antiquarian bookshop in Lewes, Sussex GB in 2002 

It measures about 3 1/2 inch (88mm) square.

Data on the back are confined to information about the car. Other cards in the series include late 1930s cars like Delahaye. There is no indication as to the source of the cards or why or for whom they were printed. The artist's signature cannot be made out. Can anyone shed light on  these cards?

Californian Ted Miller writes that this painting and about 879 others including a Javelin and a pre-war Jowett appeared in the ILLUSTRATED MOTOR CARS OF THE WORLD.  New York: Grosset & Dunlap (1967).Author is the Dutchman Piet Olyslager.  "One of my favorite car books.  Almost textless, it is the sort of thing that one would really appreciate during time spent in hospital, minimum security prison, or similar...this book is a must see!"  The vehicles depicted range from 18th century steam-powered beauties to 1967-vintage populaires.  The best thing about the book is that the "unknowns and orphans" are very well represented.

Pictured on the left is a trading card found by Jaak Jacobs, issued in Belgium. Apparently given away with chocolates by a Liegois chocolatier called Jacks

Thanks to Keith Clements and Jaak Jacobs, of course, for this one... website which is always worth a look, as is his Jowett Discussion Forum which is

Huntley Perry of Maryland USA has probably one of the most original restored Jupiter anywhere in the world, following the most careful research. A rare sight in Jupiters these days is the authentic tool locker. The pictures below (top row) show it in Huntley's car...whilst in the bottom row we see the cover for the reserve fuel tap, again closed and open. The reserve tap was deleted for 1952.

Back in 1977 Dutch Jupiter owner Bas de Bruyn cleverly adapted his SA Jupiter so that his twin girls Olga and Renata could come along too, behind the standard bench seat. The Jupiter was his main running car back then

Of course now the girls are grown up, and although neither of them drives the Jupiter, on occasions their younger sister (Isabella) does. The Jupiter has of course long been converted back to standard.

In the USA, on September 10th 2002 Huntley Perry took his Jupiter to a small, unjudged, car show at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (See photo below) where his wife Margaret works. The usual comments: "I've never heard of one" and "Is it front wheel drive?" prompted by the rather forward engine location.

Jowett Jupiter on show USA

On Sunday September 8th, Huntley Perry took his Jupiter to a car show at the Applied Physics Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins University (based in Maryland USA), to a car show sponsored by the Sugarloaf Mountain Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America. Huntley's Jup took first in Sportscar Class against two Jags (XK-120 & XK-E), an Austin Healey 3000, Triumph TR-4, and a Porsche 911, all very nice.

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