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Jupiter Owners Auto Club (JOAC) provides the important JUPITER SPARE PARTS

The Club makes them only available to JOAC members

Here is a list of spare parts for the Jowett Jupiter supplied to JOAC members. With these spares. several sourced from other Jowett clubs including Australian and New Zealand clubs

So Jowett Jupiter ownership, maintenance and restoration are good prospects - even for HSCC-event racing !

In order to offer enhanced service to JOAC members and preserve sustainable provision of spares, the Yorkshire-based classic car parts supplier Catmint take over

All JOAC members are supplied with contact details.

Here is a maybe incomplete list but good indication of JOAC-available SPARE PARTS for the Jowett Jupiter

  small-end boil filterush (54020)

  Front timing cover gasket, nitrile (50698N)

  Timing case rear cover gasket (50692)

  Tappet cover gasket, nitrile (50746N)

  Water transfer seals (EDPM)  (52708E)

  Spring-arm trunnion bush  (50314)

  Radiator bottom hose RH  (52881)

  Radiator bottom hose LH  (52882)

  Top water hofSparese (3-way to radiator)  (52879)

  Top water hose, pump to 3-way  (52880)             

  Torsion bar adjuster bolt/pad/nut set  (53547)

  Tacho Drive 1:3 gearbox, (serves as 51361) 

  Tacho Drive Cable (53191)

   Tear-drop Escutcheons (55558)

Water Pump Spindles, Stainless Steel (J 54518)

Water Pump Seals (50602)

  Front Handbrake cable...(54095}

  Handbrake cable rear (50444)

   Headlamp 'Spear' Motif (51517)

  Hub Caps (50804)

  Bonnet catch (knob only) stainless  (55142)

  Bonnet strut compression spring (long)  (53208)

  Bonnet strut compression spring )short)   (53215)

  Flexible Braided Petrol Pipe (6215x13)   

  Buffer, Front Spring Arm (50740)

  Buffer, Rear Axle (53015) .

  Shock Absorber Bush Thimble (52151) stainless steel

  Radiator Cap 4psi (52877)

  Oil Filter, Spin-on, (GFE 348)

  Clutch Release Bearing (50845)

Gearbox Mainshaft Tab Washer, (J 50013) .

  Cylinder Head Gasket Std (50738)

  Cylinder Head Gasket O/S (50738S)

  Exhaust Flange Gasket (52027) .

  Manifold Gasket, long (50867)

  Manifold Gasket, short (50868)

  Rocket cover gasket (nitrile)  (50869N)

  sump gasket (nitrile)  (50767N)

  Water elbow gasket  (EDPM)  (50832E)

  Water pump hose (timing cover to water pump)  (50617)

  Bell housing gasket  (54038)

  Exhaust Valve, 21/4N (Serves as 50516)

  Inlet valve (50515)

  Exhaust Mainifold (RH) (50884)

  Engine Valve Springs (set of 16)

  Tach drive gearbox (dynamo)  (51361)

  Accessory Drive Belt, fan belt, notched, (Serves as 52979) .

  Rear Bumper Grommet, rubber, (4523x6)

  Spare Wheel Clamp Casting (51492)

Rear Lamp Housing Casting

  Brass Wing-Bolts car full set of 50) (BWB 104) .

  Copper liner shims, Pack of 16 (52381)

  Dynamo pulley (aluminium)  (53373)

  headlamp spear motif - fixes to body  (51517)

  wiper spindle gtommet  (55577)

Overdrive to Gearbox  Adaptor Plate (NEW)

  Upper door  Hinge, casting machined (55190M)

  Lower door Hinge casting machined RH (55197M).

  Lower door Hinge casting machined LH (55198M)

  Door striker-plate (B post)  (55617)

  Door handle external  (66454)

  Door handle spring  (55454SP)

  Window winder escutcheon  (55588)

  Seat back hinge assembly  (55349)

Grille Mesh (55691).

Dash Panel - correctly veneered Marine Ply, RHD or LHD.

Flexible oil pipe-oil filter housing to gauge feed pipe (JUP001)

  Oil Union Adapter (banjo adapter 22TPI -1/2" BSP   (JUP002)

  Oil filter adapter (included oil filter)  (JUP003)

  Exhaust system complete  (JUP004)

  Lubricant plate (JUP005)

  Brass chassis plate  (JUP006)

  SA Jupiter glove0drawer knob, white  (JUP008)

  SC Jupiter locket knob, black  (JUP009)

  Starting handle bracket S/S  (JUP010)

  Dash grable handle  (JUP011)

  Dash panel  (JUP012)

  water pump support tune  (JUP013) 

  Gearbox cross-member flange  (JUP016)

  windscree silicon rubber seal  (JUP017)

  headlamp rim catch  (JUP018)

  Wiring loom, braided, includes flashers  (JUP019)

  Hood frame - wood set  (JUP020)

  Cylinder head nuts, S/S extended  (JUP027)

  knurled hood screwa (JUP028)

  headlamp rim motif  (JUP032)

  'B' Post Door Buffers  (JUP030)

JOAC Spares listing & Service Guide for the Jupiter (Motor Trader Service data No 208) plus more.

BOOK: The Jowett Javelin & Jupiter, the Complete Story (McAuley/Nankivell) pub by Crowood.

BOOK: The Jowett Jupiter, a Car for Road, Rally and Race (Nankivell) pub by Penmellyn..

BOOKLET: Jowett Javelin & Jupiter published by Profile Publications..

The orginal Javelin-Jupiter Workshop Manual of 1947/1953 is again available, reprinted for Autobooks by Brooklands Books.
Click here for the Amazon listing

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