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The JOAC Jupithon –  September 2012

The year 2012 was the Jowett Jupiter club's 50th anniversary year

So there was a 'Jupithon' which JOAC ran from 3rd to 7th September

In all, Jupiters travelled about 1300 miles  around the UK rather like the 2012 London Olympic Torches. A flag was carried by Jupiter and transferred at the end of each stage to the next flag-carrying Jupiter. There were 25 stages with at least 30 Jupiters involved.

The Jupithon was completed with no hold-ups at all!

Here is the story. Its End Point was the main Jupiter Owners' Auto Club event in York, the 'Jupilee'.

Jowett Jupiter with Jupithon badge


Tuesday 4 September

Start point: outside the Castle Museum, Eye of York, York. Departure 09:30. Two Jupiters (of H Bryan and D Peacock) then travelled to the Croft Race circuit (Dalton-on-Tees) arriving at 11:00. The flag then departed in the one and only Jowett Jupiter Mk2! This was Allan Fishburn's creation; Mike Smailes accompanied Allan. Also the Jupiter of Will Calvert, heading for Bradford, Yorkshire, the Morrison supermarket (at the former Jowett works) 275 Bradford Rd, Idle, Bradford). It arrived at 13:10. Alastair Gregg then departed with the flag at 13:40 accross the Pennines for Gawsworth Hall (just south of Macclesfield) and arrived at about 15:30, where the JCC provided a rapturous 'guard of honour' of local Jowetts. The Jupithon then continued with John Jackson the flag-bearer for the Llangollen Motor Museum at Pentire Felin, Llangollen, arriving at about 17:30 to be met by John & Sue Powter in their Mead Jupiter and Jon & Sue Roberts in their standard Mk1. The Jupithon departed Llangollen for the overnight stop at Church Stoke, Montgomeryshire.

Images below: first hand-over point at Croft. On the left, the Mk2 Jupiter built by the highly-gifted panel-man Allan Fishburn

Jowett Jupiter Mk2
Jowett Jupiters

The Scottish spur started at Elgin in the Moray, went to Blair Atholl, Perthshire, then Edinburgh, then joined the others at Elvington on September 7th.

Below: the start of the Scottish leg at By Blair Atholl, Perthshire.

Lto R the Jupiters of Dr Gordon Milne, Drummond Black, and Ranald MacKay

Three Jowett Jupiters in Scotland

Left below: Alastair Gregg's Jupiter and flag on the Yorkshire moors. Right below: Will Calvert and Alastair Gregg at Morrisons Supermarket, Idle, Bradford

Below: Alastair Gregg and John Jackson at the Gawsworth Hall flag handover with JCC North Western giving excellent support  (photos Sue & David Mason)

Jowett Jupiter on Yorkshire moor
Jowett Jupiters on Jupithon

Wednesday 5 September

The Jupithon in the person of John Powter and his Mead Jupiter headed for Ludlow Castle Square, Shropshire, arriving at 09:30 to meet David Kennedy in his white Mk1a Jupiter. Weather still good!

Image below: first changeover pount on the 2012 Jupithon on Wednesday September 5th.
Ludlow Castle, Shropshire, with the red Mead Jupiter of John Powter and the white standard Jupiter of David Kennedy

Ludlow castle with Jowett Jupiters

The Jupithon (David Kennedy) then departed for Ross on Wye (Royal Hotel) and arrived about 11:00.  Nigel Woodford and Brian Cole in their green Jupiters took the flag to the Circular Drive, Sneyd Park, Clifton, Bristol arriving about 13:15. Below: Sneyd Park with the Jupiters of Brian Cole, Nigel Woodford and Pat Lockyer, and in the right-hand image you can just make out the Clifton suspension bridge.

Jowett Jupiters

The Jupithon in the person of Pat Lockyer and his early Jupiter departed at13:30 for Sparkford in  Somerset and the Haynes International Motor Museum where it arrived at about 15:00 to be met by Tony Day in his Mk1 Jupiter.

Then Tony Day departed on the long haul to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu arriving at 17:10, the day before the Autojumble, and Roy Hickman then did the honours in his dark ble Jupiter to the overnight stop at Eastleigh.

Beaulieu Jowett Jupiter

Above: Sparkford Somerset with Tony Day and Pat Lockyer

Thursday 6 September

The Jupithon (Roy Hickman) departed Eastleigh for the Liphook Travelodge on the A3, arriving there at 09:10 to hand over to John Blanckley who then departed for Reigate Hill car park, which is  is located close to J8 of the M25 on its south side. It is close to the National Trust's Reigate Hill and Gatton Park.

Image left:- at Liphook. Roy Hickman handing over to John Blanckley.

Image right: -  at Reigate Hill. Red car is FHC Jupiter whose first owner-driver was John Willment. John Blanckley handed over to to Andy Stevens in Ed Nankivell's red Jupiter

Jowett Jupiters
Willment Jupiter at Reigate park

The Jupithon (in the red Jupiter driven by Andy Stevens) then set off for the Dartford crossing and the Thurrock Service Area.

Below: Keith Patchett with the R4 Jupiter and Andy Stevens with the Willment coupé Jupiter at the Thurrock handover

Jupiter R4 and Jupiter FHC at Thurrock services on M25

The Jupithon (Keith Patchett and the R4) left Thurrock making for the North Weald airfield(M11 J7) six miles SE of Harlow, Essex, arriving about 13:40 to hand over to Dave Stimpson and Steve Keil in their Jupiters in the shadow of a replica Hurricane fighter-plane, departing soon after for Old Warden, Biggleswade (home for the Shuttleworth Collection) where it arrived at about 15:45 to hand over the flag to Peter Tribble in his nice Mk1.

The Jupithon then departed for Sywell Aerodrome (between Northampton and Kettering) before leaving for its overnight stop at Kettering, Northants in the capable hands of Glenys and Craig Ainge. The rendezvous was in front of the famous Art-Deco aerodrome building.

A later changeover on Thursday Sept 6th. Left: that is Sheila Rigg's ex Monte Farr Coupé Jupiter with Peter Tribble's Jupiter at Sywell aerodrome

Centre: Craig Ainge with his Jupiter and Richard Gane's smart ex-USA blue Jupiter

Jowett Jupiters with Vulcan bomber

Friday 7 September

The Jupithon (via the Ainge's) conveyed the banner to the Newark Air Museum at Winthorpe. It left at 11:30 with the Mumbys and their Jupiter in convoy for the Robin Hood Airport (home of the last flying Avro Vulcan bomber) arriving at 12.30, where we had a photo-shoot with three Jupiters with the Vulcan! The third being the Jupiter of Geoff and Audrey Holding

Photos thanks to Craig Ainge

Cars L to R: The Jupiters of Craig & Glenys Ainge, Geoff & Audrey Holding, Tony & Angela Mumby

Wives L to R: Glenys Ainge, Angela Mumby, Audrey Holding

Jowett Jupiters with Vulcan bomber

The Jupithon then departed for the Yorkshire Air Museum (Elvington) Elvington, York

arriving about 15:30 to be joined by the spur from Scotland, see above: Gordon Milne and Jupiter had driven from Elgin to hand over at the house of Bruar to Drummond Black and Ranald & Sheena MacKay who had driven over the Forth Bridge to Elvington

Elvington is 7 miles from York, where 12 Jupiters were in attendance in front of the museum's Gloster Javelin.

                 Elvington was the termination of the Jupithon, before we all met up in York just seven miles away, for the JUPILEE.

Jowett Jupiters at York 2012 for their Jupilee

Two images from the Jupilee, JOAC's 50th celebratory get-together at York 7th to 9th September 2012

Jupiters at York for their Jupilee


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