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The Jowett Jupiter Booklist - if you are interested in the Jupiter you should  have these books in your collection...

Amazon is a very good source of books on the Jowett Jupiter 

They offer these books: 

The Jowett Jupiter - The Car that Leaped to Fame - new edition
Jowett Javelin Jowett Jupiter Autobooks Workshop manual 1947-1953
Jowett Jupiter Special Body: from Abbott & Beutler to Rochdale & Worblaufen

The Jowett Jupiter: a Car for Road, Rally and Race
Jowett Javelin and Jupiter: the Complete Story

The Jowett Jupiter - The Car that Leaped to Fame - original 1981 edition

The only book in print devoted just to the Jowett Jupiter !


The Jowett Jupiter, a Car for Road, Rally and Race
ISBN 0-9541144-0-X
Author: Edmund Nankivell
Publisher: Penmellyn Publications and still available

from Edmund Nankivell.




Chaters 8 South Street, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 7DH, England. 

Tel: 44 (0)208 568 9750     E-mail: [email protected]

They also sell books on the Jupiter

USA readers: The book devotes a full chapter to the Jupiter's USA competition history. February 2005 Road & Track carried a glowing review! They loved it!

Australians can visit the Pitstop Bookshop website and purchase 

Description: The Jowett Javelin and the sports Jupiter models are the stuff of legend and many stories have been told about them. Some of the stories are even true! This book separates fact from fiction and tells the whole story of the advanced Javelin and Jupiter models, their production and sporting history, special versions and the promising but ultimately still born R4 and CD models that could have saved the company's car manufacturing future. Fans of Jowetts, classic British cars and automotive lost causes will love this beautifully presented book.

Jowett Javelin and Jupiter - The Complete Story has been reviewed in the UK's Practical Classics magazine June 2003 issue. They liked it a lot! "This is the last word on the great history and tragic demise of one of the most forward-thinking British car manufacturers...makes you realise why so many people have such a great affection for these advanced 'fifties machines".

It was Classics magazine Book of the Month for July 2003.

Noel Stokoe's fifth book is called "Jowett – A Century of Memories" out November 2010.  Like My Car was a Jowett, this is a collection of ex-owner's letters plus their photographs. There will also be a colour section with photos Noel took at the 2010 JCC Centenary Rally. This book is available from Amberley Publishing, 
They have a website    

Noel Stokoe's fourth book is called "Sporting Jowetts". It is published by The History Press priced at 17.99 quid rrp . It is a compilation of reminiscences of people who went sporting in Jowetts.

                     Noel Stokoe's third book is called "Jowett - Advertising the Marque". It is published by Tempus (now the History Press) priced at 12.99 quid rrp (can be purchased from The History Press via their website). For the first time it brings together Jowett's wonderfully colloquial adverts from the 1920s all the way through to the firm's closure in 1954.

Noel Stokoe's second book is called "My Car was a Jowett" and is a collection of 110 letters from ex-Jowett owners including 
Sir Stirling Moss and the legendary explorer John Blashford-Snell. 
It is a nostalgic and light-hearted  look at Jowett ownership from the 1920s onwards. 160 pages, 100 photos.

Noel's first book is called "Jowett 1901 - 1954" is published by Tempus (now the History Press) in their Images of Motoring series.

The history of the Jowett company is told through over 200 excellent photographs with some text.

This book has been reprinted 3 times so far.

History Press postal addresses:

   The History Press Ltd, The Mill, Brimscombe Port, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2QG, UK

   The History Press, 11 Percy Street, Charleston, SC 29403, USA

Here are two out-of-print books you might wants to search for:

The Jowett Jupiter, the Car that Leaped to Fame
ISBN 0-7134-3835-5
Author: Edmund Nankivell
Publisher: Batsford in 1981
Now only available from second-hand sources. You could try:

 The Complete Jowett History
ISBN 0-85429-683-2
Author: Edmund Nankivell and Paul Clarke
Publisher: Haynes in 1991
Now this book is only available from second-hand sources. 

Books well worth reading that mention Jupiters include:

A major book for Jowett and MG people is entitled Auto-Architect and is subtitled The Autobiography of Gerald Palmer. A fascinating and detailed account of the life and designs of the man responsible for the Jowett Javelin, the Wolseley 4/44, MG ZA Magnette, Riley pathfinder, and the Wolseley 6/90. There is much technical detail which does not reduce the book's inherent readability. An example is his discussion on page 51 of why the MG Magnette looks slightly higher at the rear than Gerry had intended. He was the inspiration behind the MGA Twin-cam engine, and played a role in the acquisition by Rover of the 3.5litre V8 engine from Buick.

He played no part in the Jupiter project, having left Jowett before it got under way. He had always wanted to design a production sports car but never did, having to content himself with a self-designed special and the restoration of the 1924 Targa Florio Mercedes and a Bugatti.

Contact Magna press, Knowle House, Hooke Road, East Horsley, Nr Leatherhead, Surrey KT24 5DY, England. Only 750 copies have been printed in what is described as a Limited Edition.

These two books, both very well illustrated and both good in their way and well researched, are disappointing from the Jupiter angle.

The A-Z of British Coachbuilders 1919-1960 (Nick Walker - Bay View Books) has interesting things to say about Abbott, Coachcraft, Flewitt, and Harold Radford, four of a much larger number of British coachbuilders to work on Jupiter chassis, but only Radford is mentioned as bodying "at least one Jupiter". The author covers the pre-WWII period with commendable thoroughness, but confines his post-war writings to what he calls the survivors (except for Radford) who stuck to what in his view are "conventional" coachbuilding techniques. He also confines himself to passenger cars, wisely. Briggs Bodies (who built Bradford and Javelin bodies post WWII amongst rather more Fords) are included on the strength of some neat thirties offerings.

Classic Cars of the 1950s and 1960s (Michael Sedgewick - Tiger Books International)

And that is about it apart from a drawing of Javelin! The elegant Jupiter, whose chassis was designed by Eberan-Eberhorst of Auto Union fame, which won its class three times in a row at Le Mans and class-won the Monte and outright-won the Lisbon international rallies (amongst other victories including Watkins Glen) qualifies only for the briefest of mentions in Mike "The Mouth" Sedgewick's quirky view.

Don't let me put you off, though. Get them from your local library.

Two Jupiter-relevant books available through conventional car book shops (or Mill House Books, The Mill House, Eastville, Boston, Lincs PE22 8LS, UK - E-mail [email protected]) are JOWETT ALL-TIME GREATS, and POST-WAR JOWETT. Both these books are actually reprints of magazine articles (period and beyond) and period road tests, and there may be some overlap between the two publications. The standard of reprinting is not as high as one would wish, but at least they are available.


This book on the Morgan 4-wheeler: Morgan Sports Cars, the Early Years (by two life-long Morgan owner/enthusiasts Alderson and Chapman) has all the flavour of the times when the Jupiter was "in-era". It will be of interest to all who want to know more about amateur motor sport from the thirties up to 1953.

Available from Melvyn Rutter Ltd price GBP24.95 + packing & post:

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