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Interesting Jowett Jupiter-related web-links as found by Alastair Gregg

Alastair's very nice Jowett Jupiter is now restored and running. On 30 December 2007 he wrote "I got my Jupiter back yesterday. I've done nearly 450 miles in her. Even in this cold weather it has to be said the car was made for being hood down in the outside lane and showing the millions of pressed tin boxes that fabulous tail along with that flat four bellow".

Alastair is a dab-hand at finding obscure but fascinating Jupiter-related websites out there in cyberspace.

I add my own comments.

Please contact Edmund with your comments, and information on any links you may find that have died.

Also, send me details of any comparable links you come across that you think might qualify for this page

This page will be updated from time to time: last update 27th August 2017, but dead links removed December 2018

Here are the links to images on the internet:-

This image goes back to the early 1950s Californian successful Jupiter competition: Cal Marks and Hunter Hackney
And here is a 2017 buyer's guide to purchasing a Jowett Jupiter
And here is a photo of a Left-hand-drive Jupiter in action someplace

Croft 2012: a lovely purple Jupiter. Scroll past the man with the banjo
A USA website covers the advertising of an Abbott-bodied Jupiter - now sold to a good home as it happens
And now an Australian website with a green Jupiter asking for comments
A good many images of Jupiters on this website, and some steam-rollers too...
A very good USA website showing a Jupiter before, during and after its restoration in Maryland.

OK 08/04/2019

Someone has put together an interesting collection of photos of various Jupiters and a Javelin Special
Here is a somewhat rip-off website, with material some of it from the Nankivell book on the Special Bodied Jupiter. Click here for even more!
Here is aAnd for a change a white RHD Jupiter shown here!! And a black or nearly black Jupiter on this interesting website...
Said to be Scott and Rina Tillsdale in a bare aluminium Jupiter somewhere in California. I suspect this is Scott Tisdale in which case it is the Jupiter once owned by Red Skelton
This needs a language expert to work out what country this photo of a Jupiter originates from - possibly it is Norwegian
A very smart green RHD Jupiter photographed in 2009

OK 08/04/2019

Marcel Becquart in his class-winning Jupiter Le Mans 1951
A link to good old 36 in the pits at Le Mans in 1950 - plus another interesting relevant image
Artwork, a green, very green! Jupiter!

More Jupiter artwork, of a very different kind!
Three photos of a red LHD Jupiter used in a film car chase
This must be an old film - a B&W photo of a Jupiter in a film someplace!
All sorts of Jupiter thingies for sale at this Anglo-French website - mugs, tee-shirts, fridge magnets and more!
A flickr picture of Ed's saloon Jupiter in the Black Lion car park, Brighton, Sussex. We have meetings there first Sunday in November (veteran cars) and first sunday in May (old commercials)

Tulip Rally of 1953, a white LHD Jupiter not in need of identification. It was crewed by A Kammeraat and AC Mostert starting from Den Haag. This rally was won outright by the Javelin of van Zuylen and van Nijevelt

OK 08/04/2019
For a change, a very odd, quirky, website about the name (or word) Jowett. If you can work it out let me know!
Here is a splendid-looking white Jupiter at a classic car show in 2010 in that country

A nice photo of the Baxter/Wilkins Jupiter finishing the 1951 Monte Carlo Rally
You have to scroll half-way down for the Green Jupiter on this website. The language is Danish. Ib Rasmussen and Cira Aaland had just won the Novice class in the Oresund Rally of August 2013
This French website has picked up a nice picture of a Richard Mead Jupiter
Here is an online version of Jowett's 1953 offerings.
And another one, covering the hoped-for 1954 offerings
The JJ Armstrong of Carlisle Fixed-head coupé Jupiter when new. It still exists partially restored.
What looks like a Brazilian website telling us about the Jowett Jupiter in Portuguese
The now long gone prototype Mk1a Jupiter
Excellent set of photos of a Mk1a Jupiter that was some time ago for sale on eBay
A Jupiter racing in New Zealand some years ago

A so far unidentified red Jupiter in action ascending a hill someplace

Here is a link to a German website with an image of Bobo Onofri's ex-Alf Thomas Jupiter

And on the same website a UK-registered Javelin

OK 08/04/2019

nearly half way period photo of a LHD Jupiter registration NG-30-24. Anyone know what country that would be from?

Blue Jupiter in the Little River (New Zealand) hillclimb 13 September 2009.

Ib Rasmussen in action in Denmark in the ex-Mike Smailes Jupiter

The Sommer-bodied Jupiter driven hard presumably by Mogens Ottosen

Two Jupiters in this Youtube clip from Pukekohe (New Zealand again) date 25 January 2009

Red Jupiter at Hebden Bridge 3 August 2008

About half-way down this page of gorgeous French classic cars, a lovely white Jupiter.

Lovely bronze Mk1a Jupiter with traction engines in the background

Ghia-bodied Jupiter when at collection of cars at the Sanxet château in the Dordogne - and again in close-up. Sadly no gone to a collection we no not where

A Jupiter racing at Willow Springs, California, in 1954

An earlier race in California with a Jupiter interacting with haybales

And a Danish-language website has a very recent picture if Ib Rasmussen with his ex-Mike Smailes Jupiter. You need to scroll down a bit.

This would be the occasion when he scored second place, to an XK140 by a mere 10 seconds.

scroll down below the cat and the horse to see Malcolm & Cecily Barker's very nice bronze Jupiter

Drummond Black's Jupiter on show at East Kilbride 3/5/2009

The Jupiter of Les Gourdie in action in New Zealand in an historic event

 Click here for a picture of a white Jupiter. This is a Dutch-registered Jupiter ID-17-85

It looks like RHD. Registration date believed to be between 1954 & 1956. Was this a Russian rally? Date given is 1955, Jim Clark supposedly in a DKW. Jim Clark started his career racing a DKW (1956-7) so it is plausible, although it could not have been a rally if it was Jim Clark driving the DKW, and it would have been a race in Scotland or northern England. The Jim Clark DKW belonged to his friend Ian Scott-Wilson. Clark would have been aged 19 in 1955.

Australian car spotters' guide has an early image of the Jupiter JDM 184 owned by Andy Malvin. Scroll near to the bottom of the website

The lovely red Jupiter of David & Sue Mason on this Flickr website

A very nice image of the Sommer-bodied FHC Jupiter

And we wind up this block with an image of Scott Renner and his Jupiter racing at an historic Monterey meet

OK 08/04/2019

1953 sports car race in California, a colour shot of a Jupiter spinning into the haybales

OK 08/04/2019

Lovely green Jupiter somewhere in the USA. Not surprising there are onlookers

Drumond Black's Jupiter at East Kilbride 3rd May 2009

Probably in Hungary, this red Jupiter at a show. The language is Hungarian

OK 08/04/2019

John Surtees writing about his cars, as some us know his first car was a Jupiter. Now read all about it!

Lots of Jupiter and Javelin stuff in a foreign language believed to be Portuguese

Scroll a quarter down for this red Jupiter

Scott Renner's green Jupiter in California

Mike Allfrey's green Jupiter in Australia where it is allowed to be registered with its original UK mark

Two-colour Jupiter with the bonnet is lifted, and here with the bonnet down. It is in New Zealand of course, owned by Bunty Condon.

OK 08/04/2019

Glamour model with a 1950 Jowett Jupiter (according to the caption) but more probably a 1952 version. And here again without the lady but with the soft-top raised.

Go to, click on <50's> and see clickable image of the FHC Jupiter ex-Willment ex-Ed Nankivell

OK 08/04/2019

Not one, but yes two images of the Beutler Jupiter at JCC Leeds Castle in 1984

And now the lovely blue Jupiter when owned by the late Wally Dale, now back on the road

Pat Quirk's nice red Jupiter out and about in 2008

Bill Swindlhurst's red Jupiter. And its nice to see that Ron Whitfield has been out and about

This time it is Drummond Black's Jupiter with other Jowetts

Front ends of two white Jupiters and a red one at a Jowett meeting

Al Gregg's very own Jupiter, a green Jupiter in the USA on show, tail of a red Jupiter in New Zealand and now the other end

OK 08/04/2019

2006 magazine cover that has at the bottom a photo of GKY107 in 1951 Monte Carlo Rally trim

Oldtimer Gala 2007 probably in Germany. Scroll 25% down for a lovely red Jupiter. It is a beautifully restored early car (no louvres) perhaps Heinz Bolliger's car

This website has some information on the Jowett Jupiter culled from books by Edmund Nankivell

Gordon Cooper's Radford-bodied Jupiter, and the Gomm-bodied Jupiter in its previous livery with my white Robinson Jupiter next to it, and finally close-up photo of two standard Jupiters

OK 08/04/2019

shame about the tear!

Jean Carlos Machia in Brazil has a very nicely restored green Jupiter, click here"

Here is an image of the Californian Jupiter  that was bought late 2008 by Ken Nelson

A grainy image of HKW 197, the prototype SC

Someone called Mark has a collection of decaying cars including a you've guessed what half-hidden under a large piece of boarding

OK 08/04/2019

Jaak Jacobs at Zolder in October 2008 with his green Jupiter, and there is a link to 2007's event which he attended in his red Jupiter. Thanks to Johan Orye for the photos

Goodwood Revival - picture of the R1's engine bay

Keith Clements's Jupiter at Goodwood. Keith was one of the officials and motored down in his Jup

OK 08/04/2019

Les Gourdie's immaculate New Zealand Jupiter

Some images of Scott Renner's Jupiter racing. Ignore the double-underlines links of course!

Some interesting stuff on the Jowett Jupiter

Nice one of Martyn & Paula King's  Jupiter  in white

Nice red Jupiter, I think that of Jaak Jacobs, and the white Mk1a of David Kennedy

Beautifully restored Green Jupiter of Jon Andersen in the USA

Pat Lockyer's Farina Jupiter taken at the 2008 Bristol Italian Classic meeting

Jowett engine front view, installed in a Jupiter.

From New Zealand, the red Jupiter of Naomi and Brendan Arnet at a meeting of the New Zealand Vintage Car Club. And another view

OK 08/04/2019

Someone has found and snapped Al Gregg's smart dark green Jupiter. Ad here is its other end

Frank Woolley's delicious 'now sold' Jupiter.

Neil Moore racing his Jupiter at Pukekohe, NZ January 2008

Very nice 'Stateside light green Jupiter showing the flag

A nice find, this one. It depicts some cars at a Driving Test c.1955-57. One is Jupiter HKU 607 now sadly scrapped after an accident.

Harkback to a 1978 issue of the USA magazine Hemmings Motor News, when FVG 87 was offered for sale. This is the same car that in 1999 went to the dreaded Keith Tucker for some work and was "stolen" from his lockup, to be recovered in 2003.

Frank Woolley's   Jupiter here

OK 08/04/2019

Some YouTube videos:  Jonathan Roberts hurtling around Castle Coombe in his white Jupiter, a Jupiter at 60mph on a winding road.

Lots of photos of Jowetts including Jupiters HAK366 (Le Mans and Dundrod) which we saw at Le Mans in 2000, and FHS338 of Pat Barnsley

Spanish website with images of the red Jupiter of Mike Worker, the blue racing Jupiter (wearing the hallowed 36) of New Zealander Neil Moore, and one other. The text explains to Spanish speakers all about the Jowett Jupiter.

OK 08/04/2019

Flickr is a handy website. Here, with some Javelins, is a green Jupiter at the Wroughton Classic 2007

And here is Amy, a super dark green Jupiter .

This one goes back in time. In 2004 Jaak Jacobs took his nice red Jupiter to this meeting - scroll down a bit to find it.

Mike Allfrey's always-nice green Jupiter somewhere in Australia, wearing its Bradford registration. In Australia for a small fee you can do this!

Neil Moore at speed in his lovely blue Jupiter - Pukekohe, NZ January 2008

Les Gourdie's blue Jupiter in NZ, this time at the Ruapuna International Raceway; and Sid Bradford's blue Jupiter in the same event, and another shot

Now a lovely green Jupiter in the USA. I am sure this is Jon Andersen's car

OK 08/04/2019

Keith Clements in the 1992 Classic Marathon at Scheveningen

Nice picture the ex-Tim Wise Jupiter in Tenerife

How rough can a Jupiter descend to? Well, this rough!

OK 09/04/2019

The gorgeous oft-seen red Jupiter of Craig Ainge

And the equally gorgeous green Jupiter of Greg Jackson....and here is another view

Another super green Jupiter on show - click on the thumbnail

More of Scott Renner racing his green Jupiter, and again again

For a change a red Jupiter pictured in Canada It is the ex Reg Gilbert car now in Ohio

OK 09/04/2019

Jupiter wearing our Le Mans 50/2000 plate, with an MGB

La Naissance d'un Mythe - a Jupiter shares the limelight with a TR2, a Moretti, a Gordini and even a Lagonda, and other cars of the period

Somewhat recent (even though monochrome) photo of a Jupiter. The language is Slovakian. See also a photo of Keith Clements's Jupiter taken many years ago when discovered, well before its restoration and glittering competition career in Keith's hands. We may have put this link on before but never mind!

Here is a Spanish website Autopasion giving a potted, illustrated history of the Jowett car company

...and here is is again in pdf format (615kb) with the text translated into English by Babelfish. Spanish-speaking Tim Wise has this to say about the translation:

Very literal translation, word for word, good potted history and only one mistake as far as I could see i.e. that Jupiter production substituted Javelin same. Good selection of pix, too.

Here, and again here is the well-restored Jupiter of Marshall Jackson at the 2006 Palo Alto concourse. Marshall is with his dad. the car took 2nd

Before he sold it,  Albert Cleavely did take a few short journeys from his home location with his smart green Jupiter possibly at Amberley Chalkpits Museum

This, I think, is the Jupiter of Mike Stout, a brilliant engineer and Jupiter restorer. Mike Stout does get about

In Belgium, Jaak Jacobs is  not inhibited from driving his Jupiter, and this could be Jaak at Zolder

This looks like a picture of Tony Jackson's rather nice Jupiter

Front end of a smart Californian Jupiter

This image looks like Gurzeler in the Berne (Switzerland) Grand Prix for sports car 1951, which he won. I have the steering wheel of that Jupiter!

OK 09/04/2019

The oft-seen, much toured, Jupiter of Craig Ainge front view and rear view, taken in 1991 for the January 1992 Classic Cars magazine TEST MATCH.

The TEST MATCH took six comparable cars with each owner having an opportunity to drive the other five, finishing off with points being awarded to determine the ‘best’ of the day

Engine compartment of Mike Stout's beautifully restored green Jupiter

Peter Stokell's maroon Jupiter apparently at Benningborough Hall

Cleaveley's lovely green Jupiter has been spotted by a flickr enthusiast

OK 09/04/2019

Bobo Onofri and another image from the 2007 Mille Miglia retro. For more, search this page for Onofri

OK 09/04/2019

From New Zealand, a Jupiter leading three MGs just as a Jupiter should

Dave Burrows showing his Jupiter again., well done Dave!

Jaak Jacobs again with his red Jupiter, in Belgium most probably.

Monochrome image of a Jupiter wrongly called a Javelin

Passion and lust in a Javelin, caught by a private detective no doubt, and some Javelins after a wedding

A white Jupiter just behind a Bugatti and an MGTF, no doubt about to pick off the MG!

Farina Jupiter of Pat Lockyer and quite a bit more about Jowetts

here is a very nice stateside red LHD Jupiter does anyone know which one?

Close-up view of the late Jupiter bonnet badge.

I know this white Jupiter, it is now resident in Derby, England

The Jupiter of Dave Burrows at a show, with its mouth open

In Vancouver: Mike Stout's very nice Jupiter

A green Jupiter for a change, with admirer.

OK 09/04/2019

The You tube video of a blue Jupiter doing 60mph on a winding country lane

More on the You Tube video showing Peter Tribble's very lovely blue Jupiter

If you have my book The Jowett Jupiter, a Car for Road, Rally & Race click here then have a look at page 65

OK 09/04/2019

A website devoted to the Eyerly Special, a Californian creation with an ex-Jupiter Meadows gearbox. I believe it is now restored, as some years ago I passed on a request for a gearbox for it, which was supplied.

The late Bill Ray's now very seldom-seen wholly self-designed Special-bodied Jupiter

This looks like the Jupiter of Californian racing man Scott Renner at Monterey, and here again in another view

Price guide for the Javelin and Jupiter in Australia

Period photo of an early rhd Jupiter Mk1

Now here is a picture from a Santa Barbara event probably in 1953 of a Singer and a Jupiter, thanks again to Peter McKercher.

OK 09/04/2019

Motorbase has a nice thing going about Jowett - click here for more

A nice Jowett Jupiter and other comparable cars - have a look-see!

This may or may not be Keith Clement's Jupiter prepared for a classic marathon rally

Two green Jupiters at Malvern in 2005 showing it does not matter which green a Jupiter is painted in.

Classic Wheels have a nice shot of  the Jupiter of Eric Firth's Jupiter, taken in 2007 I reckon.

OK 09/04/2019

Those of you who have read Jowett Javelin and Jupiter the Complete Story will be familiar with this image of the Watkins Glen circuit which witnessed George Weaver's great victory in the ex-Le Mans R1 Jupiter

OK 09/04/2019

This a real find!! Hooray!! The rumour that a Jupiter appeared in a French movie starring Alain Delon in his first film has been confirmed!!

This 1957 French film is Quand la femme s'en mêle (UK title Send a Woman When the Devil Fails) and for more stills from it click here.

Here is a Youtube section of a good two minutes showing Delon driving the Jupiter!

The plot: Henri Godot is the owner of a night-club in Paris. He hires the young hitman, Jo, to kill his rival Boby, who intrigues with his lover, Maine. Alain Delon is Jo the hitman. It was banned in Finland. It was also known as Sans Attendre Godot in France, and in the USA it was released as When a Woman Meddles. Shades of the French saying "Cherche la femme!". Below: the 22-year-old Alain Delon with Jupiter

Pat Lockyer's superbly restored Stabilimenti Farina Jupiter pictured at a Bristol Classic

Scroll down a bit for a picture of Pat Barnsley's award-winning Jupiter - with its bonnet up!

Here you can see the newly-restored LHD Jupiter of James Fisher, since sold in the UK

OK 09/04/2019

Here is Keith Clements showing the flag at Scheveningen, Netherlands, in the 1992 Classic Marathon

Front ends of two Jupiters photographed at the Malvern Showground in 2005. The one on the left is actually a special-bodied Jupiter, prepared for the RAC Rally of 1951

 Some shots of Dave Izzard's Jupiter before he bought it.

A still from the original film the Fast and the Furious. This is the 1950s film, not the modern film of the same name. The film we are interested in was recently released in the UK by Digiview Entertainment and costs only £1. Code MV-8826-UK. The film has real race footage of a real Jupiter really racing in California.

Scott Renner racing his tidy green Jupiter at Monterey and again at Monterey

Farina Jupiter page on a UK website Veloce Today

A pic of yet another really nice restored Jupiter

OK 09/04/2019

Here is the late Tim Wise's Jupiter in an annual show in La Orotava, Tenerife.

Here is Mike Stout's account of the Jupitour 2003 to the Loire Valley, when he accompanied John Blazé.

1952 Le Mans photo of the Hadley/Wise Jupiter R1 being chased by a Cunningham around Tertre Rouge. See also the extraordinary "La Monstre"

Some period Le Mans stuff, with a nice image of the 1950 Jupiter in its pits, showing the gravity-feed fuel filler elephant's trunks.

Russian version of Amanda with the Marshall Jackson Jupiter (chassis 434) restored by Lawrie Alexander's British Sports Car Center of Sacramento, California. The website tells you all about the Jupiter, in Russian of course. Here is an Acrobat PDF file Bablefish translation of the website, courtesy Alastair Gregg

Over to Belgium . There are two images of Jupiters, one if you  scroll down to the Rétrofolies de Spa 19 et 20 août 2006 for a glimpse of two and a half Jowett Jupiters. They are the red Jupiters of Claude Bernard and Jaak Jacobs (Belgium) and the beige Jupiter of Bas de Bruijn (Netherlands). Also 2-30 October 2-12 for Claud Bernard's Jupiter.

And here is Jaak Jacobs's red Jupiter again - two shots of it both with bonnet raised

added Sept 2016 and OK December 2018:-

Quite some nice Jowett Jupiter information here

Here on this website is a great collection of Jupiter photos

The yellow rally-set-up Jupiter that came up for auction in 2013, which has since disappeared presumably into someone's collection

Two Jupiters in New Zealand, one being the Jupiter of Leao Bolter

Several in-the-USA photos of the lovely oft-shown Jupiter of Dave Burrows. Click on the right-arrows for more

So-called barn-find rough Jupiter - looks like the Jupiter imported from USA to GB by dealer R I Johnson - plus much more on Jupiters

This website has a 1953 photo of the R4 Jupiter with Maurice Gatsonides in it holding a half-pint of ale. he is outside the Stansfield Arms near Bradford, Yorkshire. But it has been reversed as the R4 was never LHD !!

Scroll three-quartes down this website for the Fixed-head Coupé Abbott Jupiter image

And here is a photo taken at a very unusual angle of a Jupiter in use someplace

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