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The 'Jupilee'



   Friday September 7th to Monday September 10th

Held at YORK


The year 2012 is a very special one in the history of the Jupiter Owners Auto Club (JOAC). 

Not only does it mark 50 years since the foundation of the Club but it also happens to take place in the Diamond Jubilee year of our Queen!

For photos taken at the event, go to the magazine page

In order to properly mark the occasion, the weekend was more than a little bit special:

                                     FRIDAY 7th: The Jupilee weekend begins at Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington, 6 miles from the centre of York off the B1228.
                                We meet there from 14:30 to welcome the arrival of the Jupithon, timed for 15:45. For Jupithon photos,
go to the magazine page
                                We can meet again t 19:30 for a meal at the local pub of Howard & Jacqui Bryan.
                                     It is
The Nags Head at 139 Main Street, Askham Bryan YO23  3QS
                            SATURDAY 8th: Morning  we are free to explore York. The JOAC committee meets at 11:00am
                               At 14:30 we go from the Pavilion Hotel to Howard & Jacqui Bryan's place for the AGM
                                which starts at 15:00
                               At 17:15 we return to the Pavilion Hotel for the annual JOAC Dinner there, at 19:30 for 20:00
                            SUNDAY 9th: Scenic Run departs from the Pavilion Hotel at 10:30.
                                  It takes us trough some of te finest North Yorkshire countryside
                               At 15:30 we line up at Castle Howard (16 miles north of York) for the annual JOAC awards etc.
                                           There will be suggested options when the Castle Howard event is over


 The  weekend was centred on the ancient city of YORK (see links)

  The weekend was based at the PAVILION HOTEL, Fulford, York a 3 Star 'Best Western' Hotel

   JOAC arranged 3 nights accommodation at the rate of 103 GB pounds sterling per room night including breakfast. Secure parking.

  JOAC arranged a full and varied programme of places to visit to satisfy all tastes.

  Exceptionally, this year the events began after lunch on Friday.

   There was time to explore York in your own time on Saturday before the AGM.

  The AGM was held at the home of Howard and Jacqui Bryan at 3:30 pm in Askham Bryan, 10 minutes drive from the Hotel. There will be refreshments.

  At the celebratory Dinner, attended by more members than ever before, was on the Saturday evening starting with a reception at 7:00pm.

  The Sunday Run took us up into the North York Moors and will be a scenic delight. It ended at Castle Howard, where the film of Brideshead Revisited was made.

   The programme finished after breakfast on Monday morning for those who are able to stay for the full event.


Welcome refreshments were available at the AGM which was a largely a great social occasion and an opportunity to meet new members and to catch up with old friends.  Members nevertheless were encouraged to give their views and suggestions on all aspects of the club's activities. 
Particularly welcome were ideas and suggestions for future events and tours.

Our hotel was the Best Western Pavilion Hotel 45 Main Street
Fulford, York
YO10 4PJ . 

For tourist information on York, click here

For information on Castle Howard click here


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