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Last update 6 March 2015

Jowett Jupiter for sale - If you are looking for a Jowett Jupiter for sale, here are some links to Jupiters offered for sale on various websites.

A very nice Jupiter is coming up for auction at Carterhouse Auctions, Sherborne, Dorset, on 15th April 2015

It is well-restored and running, and re-sprayed to exactly original paint colour. Have a look at the auction website:-

This very good UK Jupiter is for sale by "Classics and Sports Car Consultants and Nicky and Paul Barron": or check out this website:-  See image below:-

Jowett Jupiter

Also in the UK the one and only Mk2 Jupiter is for sale. See image below:-

Jupiter Mk2 well made by Allan Fishburn

Allan Fisburn is now looking for £20,000 for the car that the Jupiter R4 should have been. Click here for more. It runs well and is mechanically very good

Over in France, the very first Jupiter sold privately was very well restored over several years and has been a running car for several years now. See here for details.
The vendor is looking for €39,500, round about £31,000

Kip Motors of Dallas, Texas, are British car specialists who know their Jupiters and are advertising a very nice restored red LHD Jupiter on this website. Vendor is looking for US$59K, about £36K. See image below:-

Jowett Jupiter in California well restored and for sale

A superb red Jupiter is for sale in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. Have a look at these images. Price they are looking for is US$27K to US$30K. For more, contact Jim McMahon:-
513-482-7440 x 316 (shop)     513-368-8800 (cell)

A bronze 1952 Jupiter for restoration was for sale in Phoenix Arizona.  It looks very straight with Angel Motors headlamps. Very complete, needs full restoration. Includes documentation, correspondence, manuals, parts lists & suppliers. Many extra parts. Glass and interior there for patterns. Title, with copy of original California title, and black California plate. $12,000 or near offer. You could e-mail wgarylint[at]  For image see below:-

Jowett Jupiter for restoration in Phoenix Arizona

There were two project Jupiters with Gullwing Motor Cars Inc, sold with a lot of spares many new. There is a Left Hand Drive Jupiter, pretty much complete and together . The other Jupiter is Right Hand Drive and it has engine, gearbox and additional parts in crates. The RHD comes with Texas Clean Title. They have rcently moved to we know not where. Anyone know where?

two project Jupiters for restoration in New Jersey

513-482-7440 x 316 (shop)

513-368-8800 (cell)

2 project Jupiters for restoration in New Jersey

Above: The Jupiter on the left is the RHD example, and vice versa.

For more, E-mail Edmund: Click here:-

A Jupiter is for sale in Texas, virtually done. It is RHD and its vendor writes Ed these are pics of my Jupiter, approx. 85% restored. Please list for sale, no price, just make offer, include my email. Thanks for your help. James Womble:

Two rough Jupiters are for sale in the USA, have a look at this website and scroll down about one third. The cars are in Bellingham, Massachusetts.

Unfortunately The guy is asking $ 40,000 for 2 rough Jupiters and he is asking $ 35,000 just for the red one as it is a left hand drive model.

At these prices the cars will remain unsold for a while.

An ex-USA mid-1952 SA Jupiter may still be for sale in Poland (Sept 2013). It spent its recent years in Germany. Still had its California registration plate at the rear. Said by vendor to be in running order. Clearly some work needed. Left-hand drive. Vendor is Witold Kapusta. He is looking for €19,000.

Another website said, in Polish, "The car is complete, long ago went through renovations, currently requires a thorough overhaul. You can see the car in Bielsko Biala". (This is in Southern Poland 220 miles north east of Vienna).

To contact the seller send e-mail to

Here are three photos of it.

Jowett Jupiter for sale in Poland

Peter Rodgers sells classic cars and sometimes has a Jupiter or Jupiters for sale. he is based in Huddersfield, UK

To buy a scale model Jupiter (1:43) click here   There is the choice of a Mk1 (SA), Mk1a (SC) or the beautiful Danish coupé

Edmund Nankivell knows of other Jupiters for sale in various forms from concours to kit-of-parts, for details he be contacted as follows:

E-mail: Click here to email
telephone: +44 (0)1273-843457

6 Kymer Gardens
Hassocks, Sussex

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